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    Any watch freaks out there? Time for some early Xmas shopping! http://t.co/kM5C8cyx
  • 25 July, 2012 - 10:14
    Have you kicked the tires on the Joomla 3 Alpha? If so, I'd love to know what you think.
  • 17 July, 2012 - 17:25
  • 17 July, 2012 - 16:18
    The Alpha release of the new Joomla! 3.0 is out now. The release is primarily intended for extension developers... http://t.co/eX31fk0o
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    My latest book is out: Joomla! Search Engine Optimization http://t.co/3lToGUhh #joomla #seo

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2011 Open Source CMS Market Share Survey?





50 Top Joomla! Extensions

With more than 4,000 Extensions in the Joomla! Extensions Directory, one of the most daunting aspects of selecting a Joomla! Extension is finding the right tool for the job. With thousands of Extensions to choose from, you are sometimes faced with multiple options that appear to achieve your goals. While there really is no subsitute for downloading things and trying them out yourself, in this article I provide a list of fifty Joomla! Extensions as a starting point for addressing common needs.

Open Source CMS Social Resources

I received a request the other day from someone interested in finding social networking-type resources focused on open source content management systems. A good question, and one that I thought might make a useful list of resources.

I did a bit of looking around at the larger networks and found the following. Please feel free to add your own faves using the comments function at the bottom of the article.

(Note: Updated 18 March 2009 with a list of Official Project Twitter sites.)

A New Site and a New Book

Today is a big day for me -- I finally take the wraps off my new site and I also have the green light from my publisher to announce the new book!

First, the site: The designers at water&stone came up with this Drupal theme for me. I'd moved my site to Drupal at about the same time I released the Drupal 5 Themes book, but frankly wasn't making the most of it. It's a complex system and I just didn't have the time to give it the attention it deserved. Now, almost two years later, I feel a lot more comfortable with it and have grown to love it, frankly. I am, therefore, thrilled to have a site that not only shows Drupal looking good but also takes advantage of at least some of the functionality that Drupal does so well. (I'll post here in the next day or so about the rebuild, but suffice it to say for now that I am really happy to have this system in place.)

Second, as to the book. I've signed with Wiley & Co. to do another title for them. This is the third time we've worked together. They are expanding the coverage of their famous Bible series to include select open source content management systems and I am fortunate to be working on the first title-- the Joomla! Bible. This book should be good news for all interested in Joomla! As you may know from Wiley's other Bible publications, the series strives for a comprehensive and thorough treatment of each topic. Expect this new book to arrive in bookstores in late Q3 or early Q4 and to weigh in on the hefty side of things. More details to come as I get them.

I hope you enjoy the site! (Check out the Feed Roundup!)

Open Source CMS Market Share Report Released

We released today the first extensive report on market share in the open source CMS market. The report covers 19 of the most popular systems and measures them on a variety of traditional and Web 2.0 metrics.

We found some interesting things, but the key conclusion (for most people) is our determination that the market is dominated by just three names: WordPress, Joomla! and Drupal. The report also indentifies projects that may be in trouble and new names to watch.

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